Speciality Additives
Speciality Additives can also be used in agrochemicals which are used as insecticides, pesticides etc. These additives can be single-chemical entities or formulations whose composition influences the performance and processing of the end product. These are used in a huge range of plastic products to impart wide-ranging benefits.
Speciality Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals are used as ingredients in finished products and to improve manufacturing processes. These chemicals services help you to understand your products' technical and performance attributes and meet regulatory compliance. These are manufactured because of their performance or function. These chemicals are widely used and effective to use.
Plastic Emulsion Paints
Plastic Emulsion Paints have gained popularity because of their ease of application, quick drying properties, non-objectionable odour and good wash ability. These paints are mostly used in high-class areas including auditoriums, showrooms, theatres etc. These paints are used for interior walls and ceilings.
Enamels Air Dry Paints
Enamels Air Dry Paints are paints that air-dries to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to hardware or variations in temperature. These paints are significantly softer than either vitreous enamel or stoved synthetic resins. They are used on everything from wood doors to metal.
Stoving Paints
Stoving Paints are excellent for home appliances, electrical fittings, toys, and automobile industries. These have a balanced formula blended with top quality resins, selective additives and highly durable pigments which impart its exceptional colour retention, high gloss and smooth finish coupled with film flexibility, hardness and solvent resistance.
Wood Coatings Agent
Wood Coatings Agent is used to enhance aesthetic appeal and surface protection on the wooden surfaces of furniture, cabinets, sidings, and decking & floorings, among others. This agent has extensive use in both residential and non-residential applications. This agent also protects the wood surface from dirt and, in particular, moisture.
Acrylic MF Coating System
Acrylic MF Coating System is used for the manufacture of many products, including kitchenware, laminates, overlay materials, particleboards, and floor tiles. This is also used as fire-retardant additives in paints, plastics, and paper. This system helps in applying the coatings perfectly and is effective to use too.
Polyester Coating Agents
Polyester Coating Agents are used to protect the packed product to maintain its nutritional value, texture, colour and flavour when purchased and used by the consumer. These are industrial products mainly used for the protection of objects from destructive external attacks and for decoration. These are very effective and economical too.
Powder Coating Systems
Powder Coating Systems provide cost saving solutions for some of the most labour-intensive wood finishing challenges. These are used mainly in the architectural sector and are specifically formulated to favour the absorption of decorations. They are ideal for painting products to be used outdoors such as agricultural machinery, earth moving machines and equipment and automotive accessories.
Polyamide Epoxy Coating
Polyamide Epoxy Coating is a polymer that employs a polyamide resin as a curing agent. This coating is highly resistant to strong cleaning solutions. This coating may be used for immersion service in fresh or salt water. This epoxy is also used as a coating or an adhesive.
PVC, Vinyl - Copolymer Systems (Orgonosols)
PVC, Vinyl - Copolymer Systems (Orgonosols) are used in a variety of applications in the building and construction, health care, electronics, automobile, in products ranging from piping and siding, blood bags and tubing, to wire and cable insulation, and more. These act as a homopolymer as it is composed of only one type of monomer.
UV - EB Curing Systems (Acrylic Based)
UV EB Curing Systems Acrylic Based is formulated with reactive monomers, oligomers, and additives to impart additional colour, gloss, and levelling properties to the finished product. These offer desirable cured film properties, such as print receptive films, varying cured film textures, and excellent resistance to stain and abrasion.
Chlorinated Rubber Agent
Chlorinated Rubber Agent is used in coatings, offering them excellent properties, such as, weather-fastness, anticorrosion, mould proof, and increasing the adhesiveness and shock strength of the coatings. This is used for coatings, maintenance paints, traffic marking, swimming pool paint, adhesives and fire retardants. This agent is very effective and widely used.

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